This checklist has been provided to assist you in gathering the necessary information for your business loan request. Forms are provided for items 1 - 7. 

1. Loan Request Form

2. Business History Form (for a start-up business, please provide a full Business Plan)

3. Authorization & Disclosure Form

4. Personal Financial Statement Complete this form for each (1) proprietor, or (2) general partner, or (3) LLC member, limited partner or stockholder owning 20% or more of the company, or (4) any person providing a guaranty (spouses must sign and date)

5. Management Resume Provide for all individuals referred to in #4 above

6. Request for Transcript of Tax Form

7. Business Debt Schedule This schedule must be dated the same as the Interim Financial Statement requested in #10 below.

In addition, please provide the following items for applicant business and all affiliates

8. Business Federal Tax Returns – last three years, include all K-1 forms and schedules

9. Business Financial Statements – last three years, - CPA or Company-Prepared

10. Interim Financial Statements – dated within 45 days

11. Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable aging report –dated same date as Interim Financial Statement

12. Personal Tax Returns – last three years, including all K-1 forms and schedules. For each individual referred to in #4 above.

If loan application is approved, the following information may also be required:

i. Partnership Agreement

ii. Articles of Incorporation and Corporate By-Laws/Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement

iii. Current facility lease

iv. Fictitious business name statement

v. Business License

vi. Projected Profit and Loss statement

vii. Construction bid and plans

viii. Bids/Purchase orders for Inventory, Furniture and Equipment that will be