What are the standard terms on a cash advance or working capital loan?

   There are a lot of factors that determine the length of term; but generally, they are anywhere from 2-18 months.

   What are the rates?

    This depends on many factors. But cash advance uses a factor rate determined by the risk of the advance and the estimated amount of time it will take to collect the purchased amount of receivables. It is best to obtain a fast free no obligation offer of finance and decide if the funding will help your business.

   What happens if I miss a payment or default on my cash advance or working capital loan?

   Each advance/loan has different contractual terms and conditions. Most of our products are unsecured, and there is usually        no penalty if you miss a payment and/or default. However, not every advance/loan is the same; therefore, we recommend that you contact us if a situation arises in which you cannot afford a payment and may cause you to default on your loan.

   Are there any fees?

   There is no cost or obligation to apply and receive an offer of funding. Only after the loan is accepted by you may there may be    any costs and these may be associated with generating contracts, underwriting the file, or UCC filings, etc. Some funders absorb the costs and others pass them on to the clients.

   How does applying for capital impact my credit score?

   Each lender is different, and they will normally do a credit pull that will show up as an inquiry. How the inquiry impacts your score depends on your overall credit history. A credit inquiry will impact someone with low/poor credit more than someone with a solid history.

   What is the renewal policy if I would like addition funds? Is it automatic?

   Renewals are not automatic. The same application process occurs whether you are applying for a new advance/loan or a renewal. On the plus side, renewals require less paperwork and the funding process is shortened by 75%.

   How long does the whole process take from applying to funding?

   The process generally takes 3-5 business days. However, we have had files funded in 24-48 hours and some files that took up to 5-7 business days.

   Do I need to switch my credit card processor?

  No. We are even able to save each merchant 10-30% on their monthly processing fees, but there is no requirement to switch your processing service provider. Ask us about how we can save you $$ on your monthly credit card processing costs.

  How much capital can I get?

 There are many factors that determine how much capital you would qualify for. The maximum amount is around 200% of your monthly gross revenue.